Popular Driving School New York

Terms of Use

Popular Driving School Policy:
Except for contracts executed by schools licensed by the New York State Education Department and subject to the refund provisions of regulations promulgated by that Department; prepayment for lessons and other services shall be subjected to refund as follows: if the student, having given prior notice of at least 24 hours, withdraws from or discontinues a prepaid course of instruction or series of lessons before completion thereof, or from any other service for which prepayment has been made, or if the school is unable or unwilling to complete such prepaid course of instruction, or series of lessons, or to provide such other prepaid service, all payments made by

Student to the school shall be refunded except:

1) An amount equal to the enrollment fee, if any, specified in the contract or expressly receipted for, not to exceed the sum of $10 or 10 percent of the total, whichever is greater, specified cost of such course of instruction or series of lessons; and

2) The school’s per lesson tuition charge for each lesson already taken by the student which shall be determined by dividing the total cost of such course of instruction or series of lessons by the number of lessons included therein.

3) Prices are subject to change with or without any notice. prices are not included any dmv fee,students are responsible to pay any dmv fee.

4) All classes are by appointment only and must have valid learner permit card or driving license

5) On the road test day if you failed to come on time or failed to give your road test for any kind of paper related reason (5 hour certificate, eye glass, learner permit card missing or expired etc) we will not be responsible for that and there will be no refund.Remember road test control by state dmv inspector, we do not have any control over it. so do not expect any sympathy or favor from them

6) NY DMV operate the road test Monday to Friday (except holiday or extreme bad weather), start from 8:30 am to last 4 pm. to go to the road test site from our driving school and waiting in the line and after finishing the road test to come back to the driving school, it might take about 3 hours. but it depends how far is your road test location and how long the road test line and how many DMV inspector is taking the road test.

  • Before paying for any  services text Us or email us here just to check the availability
  • All classes are by appointment only
  • Once an appointment has been made,we required cancellation/rescheduling notice of at least 24 hour beforehand. Otherwise student will becharged for the cost of the lesson even if the lesson is not given.
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% inconvenience fee (no less than $10,whichever is greater)
  • All refunds take 7-10 days to process.
  • Lesson payments are required at the time of the booking. all unpaid bookings are canceled 24 hours before the scheduled time
  • All payments are valid within 8 months from the date of purchase.

Refund / Cancellation Policy
If a customer prefers to pay a “PACKAGE PRICE” the payment is due in full before the second day of instruction. If not paid in full, the 45 minute or “STANDARD” price will be charged for each lesson. You will receive a receipt showing proof of payment. Our drivers are only paid for the time they train. If a student is a “no show”, has no permit or cancels a class without calling at least 24 hours before their lesson, our driving instructor is out of work for that time period. In such cases you forfeit that lesson and that prepaid lesson will be charged. Any further lessons needed to complete your program will require an additional prepaid “STANDARD” price. Receipt given for all transactions.

In-Classroom Theory Course(s) Refund Policy
If for any reason you are unable to attend the 5 Hour Pre-licensing Class and/or Defensive Driving Class, we will issue a full refund, or if preferred, you may apply credit to a future class. Receipt given for all transactions.